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The Best Way to Register Your Business Domain and Email Address

By June 5, 2015 No Comments

Registering a domain ( and an email to go with it ( can be difficult. Either you get crappy email hosting that goes down all the time and your emails get caught in spam filters or you end up paying hundreds of dollars for quality email and domain service.

Luckily, Google Apps for Business now provides an amazing email and domain service that lets you access commercial grade email services at small business prices. And you can register your domain at the same time in one place. Best of all it is easy and quick to setup so you can do it yourself.

For approx. $5 per month per email address, you can get with 30GB inbox and access to other services such as calendar, docs, hangouts, Google Drive etc.

Google Mail For Business Discount Coupon

Visit Google Apps for Business to register your domain and setup email addresses. Also, use the following referral coupon to get $10AUD discount per user: CNYEUR9DT9QARM

To redeem the discount:

  1. Sign up for Google Apps
  2. Go to your billing settings
  3. Choose your payment plan
  4. Enter your promo code