How To Give Away All Your Information And Still Get People To Buy Your Ebooks

Limitless Movie PosterIn the movie, Limitless, a struggling writer discovers a top-secret drug that gives him super human intelligence.

“I was blind but now I see,” he speaks of the experience. “Information from the odd museum show, a half read article, some PBS documentary, it’s all bubbling up in my frontal lobes.”

It is not just that he can recall everything he has ever seen, read or heard that makes the experience remarkable, but also that he can connect the dots between the disparate bits of data. As he puts it, the data is “Mixing itself together up into a sparkling cocktail of useful information.”

This ability to organise information gives him clarity on the situation. It makes him lucid. It makes him see what he needs to do next.

“I’m not high. I’m not wired. Just clear. I know what I need to do and how to do it.”

This clarity for him is the difference between procrastination and success. Given clarity, he springs into action and achieves the unachievable.

Lesson 1 – If You Want People To Take Action

The movie may be science fiction but the lesson it contains is not. Give someone clarity and they will act. Organise bits of information into an actionable plan and they will achieve the unachievable (See, Levanthal’s fear experiments on the power clarity and specific steps).

So if you want people to do something, organise the information on your blog. Connect the dots for them. Create a course out of your articles. Or set up a new page that organises your various posts into a step by step guide.

Lesson 2 – How To Give Away All Your Information And Still Get People To Buy Your Ebooks

This is the more important lesson, only because it is a problem so widely shared amongst bloggers and newbie content marketers.

If you have been holding back on content because you are scared that people will not buy your ebook or course, then stop holding back. You can give away just about all your content, including some of your best stuff, and people will still pay for an ebook.

Why? Because the value of an ebook or a course is not in the content it provides, but in its organisation. It is in its ability to bring together relevant pieces of information in one place and connect the dots between them. It is to turn otherwise isolated and disconnected bits of data into an actionable plan.

It doesn’t seem like it should be that way, But it is

“A lot of people get very jealous about the information they have,” says direct marketing expert, John Carlton. “They’re like, I’m not going to tell you that, you have to pay for it.

But as Carlton points out, by giving everything away, by not holding back, you will not only continue selling your paid services and products but that you will sell even more.

“Even if what you sell is a replication of what you are giving away for free, you will still sell.”

Why? As many of his customers have told him, ‘I could go through your blog, free newsletters, videos and your interviews, or I could just buy your course where it’s all laid out very very simply. That way I don’t have to guess.’

“It doesn’t seem like it should be that way, but in most markets, especially information markets, it is.”

Even If Some People Do Not Buy Your EBook

Even if some people do not end up buying your paid products because they have the time and motivation to read all your content and put it all together, the increases in readers, publicity and trust that will result from giving out good content will lead to so many more sales of your paid products that it will far outweigh any losses in sales.

For example, if you lose 2-3 sales by giving out much of your content in your blog posts but gain another 10 as a result of giving out that content, then the net result is still an extra 7 sales that you would not have otherwise made.

Not to forget, some people will buy your paid product just because they are a fan and they will buy anything you release. But how did they become a fan in the first place? Because you gave them awesome content.

So do not hold back on quality content. People will still pay the money to buy your ebook, seminar, and / or services.

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